Sunday, October 5, 2008

Snickers Financial Stand as of October

I have been away to the world of blogging for almost two years. After reading several blogs of savy investors and frugal livers, I decided to get back on to track. I have been maintaining a record of all my expenses and investments. Going forward, I will be updating my blog imposing a check on all my finances. So, here it goes:

As of October 6th -2008 this is where I stand financially.

Balance on Credit Cards : $ 13950.00
Blance on Car Payments : $ 26000.00
Savings in ING direct : $ 375.00
Investments : $ 1200.00
401K : $ 2100.00

I have been paying off my CC sincerely for the past 5 months. I should be left with zero balance on my CC by Mar - 2009.

I bring home $ 2156.00 bi-monthly,thats $ 4362.00 every month.

$ 2000 towards Credit Cards
$875 for Rent
$100 for Piano Classes
$100 towards my savings
$150 for gas and other personal expenses.
$660 towards the Car Payment.

I have been trying to keep a tab on unneccessary expenses that I cannot account for every month. I will be paying off all the Credit Cards by Mar-09 if I keep up this pace and I will. Next I would like to knock off my car payments.

My husband takes care of food and other entertainmnet expenses. We have still not reached a point in our marriage that we could save and invest jointly. I will let time decided when that happens.

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