Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Another day goes by

I could barely sleep last night, I was s**t scared being alone. I wasn’t like this before while I was practicing my meditation and yoga may be I need to get back to doing it. I slept with the lights on waking up every 2 or 3 hours and making sure the doors are still locked. I watched the movie “When a stranger calls” last weekend and I guess the director did his best scaring me to shivers. I keep watching scary movies albeit their negative affect on me. Three more nights before my sweet hubby arrives and I will sleep like a baby until he leaves the following Monday.

I am very proud myself. I have come a long way managing my credit. I am progressing very well. I still have 6 more months to pay it down and then my husband and l will start saving for our house. I have been tucking away 100 dollars a month towards emergency savings and I will increase the contribution after I pay off my credit cards.

It been more than two and half months I have bought a single piece of clothing. This is the longest time during my six year stay in the US that I haven’t bought any thing. Its liberating actually and the best part is I don’t feel constrained, I am actually enjoying it. Another major achievement is turning into a vegan. I remember telling my friends that this is something I could never ever do and here I am two months hence holding my head up high- Yes, I am a VEGAN. I hope I don’t beat the drums too loud. You never know the person sitting up there watching all of us can put our strengths to test any moment.

BTW, I guess y’all are eager to know my number from yesterday’s posting, its $34 though I make only $25.096 per hour after taxes. I hope to come closer to this number within the next year. I have a performance review coming up and I hope it will be a smooth ride.

I have also joined the gym at work today. Its 15 dollars per month and I guess it’s a good deal. Except that I hate to take a shower during my workday but I think it will be easier with the jeans-pass we have at work.

Have a great rest of day people ;)

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