Monday, October 13, 2008

Goals not met

I have set up some goals for myself last week and our the 5 I have planned to do, I did not accomplish even 1. Well I did go running once but my goal was to go for running 3 times. I have decided not to set-up any goals until I accomplish what I have already set. So there goes my this week's plan.

I pumped another 145 dollars into AIG. I got in at $2.50 per share for 55. I hold 319 shares of AIG now. I would like to keep buying below $2.50 until I hold 500. I am into AIG for the long run. AIG is the largest insurance company and has an abundant cash flow. The disposal of some of its assests to help pay out the loan from FED reduces the market cap AIG has, few years down the lane when markets adjust themselves AIG should come back up. So I am not going to panic by constantly refreshing my TV monitor.

My piano class was cancelled today so I went to HEB to get some groceries. I have been spending $1.94 every day for breakfast. I told myself I am going to save that money by making BF at home. So I got some food items to make the BF tacos at home. Usually I have eggs, cheese and hash browns in my taco. Here is the amount I spent on buying stuff for my D-I-Y breakfast.

Eggs: $2.39
Tacos : $4.29
Cheese :$ 2.20

Total : $8.88

I spend $9.70 per week for BF. The stuff I bought from H-E-B should last me two weeks. Savings for 2 weeks: $10.20

So how do you guys save money on little things.. Any tips?

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