Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Married yet Single

I have mentioned in my previous posts about maintaining individual bank accounts between my husband and I though we have been married for 3 years. There is a reason why I keep it that way. I have come out college with around 10,000 dollars in it. Though I paid off most of it after I was employed, I charged two huge transactions on my CC when I went to India last March for the first time since I have been married. We, in India have lot of rituals or obligations (as I would like to say) to not just marry off your daughter but marry her off the Joneses way. My father sold all of his business to pay for my education and my siblings’ weddings. By the time it came to me, he had nothing left. I got married to the man of my choice with absolutely no dowry and my in-laws were not so happy about it because I reeled in Mr. Scorpio for free. Though they haven’t made a big fuss about it, I often started hearing some rambling about it. When I went to India earlier this year, I knew they would be expecting my father to have some jewelry made for me. I did not want my father to take that burden, so the firs thing I did when I got off the plane was to buy some jewelry for myself on my CC. I told my in-laws and my husband that my father bought it for me. My smarty pants husband knew about it but he just kept quite.

Well, at the end of trip I was left with 15,000 dollars in debt and with a new job to get back to in the USA. I decided I will only maintain joint accounts once I paid off all my debt. I don’t want my husband to be paying for some choices that I have made (Though I really can’t justify it to be wrong). I am well on my way towards it. I will keep pressing on.

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